September 23, 2014

1810s Working Class Separates

With a couple of options now in the Regency wardrobe, I'm calling the 1810s working class separates project complete!  (You can view the in progress posts here: Part I and Part II.)

Inside Out Sequence: All photographs courteous of sister - thanks a ton!

First layer: striped stockings, 1850s chemise & corset. 

Second layer: petticoat.

Third layer: bodiced petticoat. 

Fourth Layer: kerchief & blue striped short gown.

Alternate Fourth Layer: kercheif & golden print short gown.

Fifth Layer: cross-over strap apron.  (Note: bib aprons do not look great with short gowns, opt for a half apron instead.)

Completed Project Shots:

"Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors, and you choose the ones you want to have as ancestors. You create yourself out of those values" ~Ralph Ellison

Showing off my Fugawee "Rose" Boots, which still look good
after an entire season of wear & tear!

Project Review

Year: 1800-1810

Pattern:  GCM&V short gown pattern, Regency apron directions

Material: cotton muslin, 100% linen, checked homespun, reproduction cottons

Cost: Did not keep track of total expenses - 4 yards of linen $35, 4 yards of reproduction cotton (2 yards of each) $40, stash fabric

Critique:  Nowhere near perfect, but it's a start!  I am very happy with the construction of each of the garments - though the fit could use a little work.  My favorite piece is probably the blue short gown, which is very comfortable and I can see myself wearing it with modern clothes.  My least favorite piece is the apron, which just doesn't fit well, especially over a short gown.  Eventually, I'll need to make period appropriate undergarments, but, for now, my conglomeration works fine.

Overall verdict I'd say is satisfactory - the garments are holding up to wear at work well and I'm looking forward to wearing them again and again through the end of this season!


  1. Oh Anneliese!!! I LOVE your whole everything!!! The golden print short gown is my favorite, but I also love your bodiced petticoat and those fabulous striped stockings! Your ensembles look so incredible! Job very well done! Oh and your bonnet is awesome!!! I have looked at each ensemble again and again and everything is so Laaaaaaaa!!!!!

    1. Wow, thank you, Gina!! I am so happy you like my separates - they're a lot of fun to mix and match!! I love color so I was definitely drawn to the golden print and couldn't pass up the striped stockings. I'm pretty sure I bought them from Fashions Revisited. Thanks again for all of your lovely compliments!!
      Anneliese :)

  2. Love this! It looks so real! you've really made me want to make some short gowns now!

    1. Thank you, Samantha!! It's definitely the least costumey outfit I've made and for wear at work - so your comments are much appreciated! And I do hope you make some short gowns!
      Anneliese :)

  3. It looks nice and practical! The blue shortgown really is quite pretty.
    (And I like the quote, too. ;-)

    1. Thank you, Hana-Marmota!! I'm so glad to hear that it looks practical - that's what I was aiming for - and nice - even better! And, I am happy you like the quote, Ralph Ellison had such a talent with words.
      Anneliese :)