September 3, 2014

Fall Sewing List

Happy September, everyone!  Summer sure flew by, and, I guess it's time to post a new sewing list for the fall season.  While I didn't get as much sewn over the summer as I had hoped, I did have a ton of fun interning and interpreting!

I've got high hopes for sewing this fall:

1810s working class ensemble:  I'm very happy to report that I've made great progress and just have the following left to finish, so expect some pictures soon.
  • 2 muslin shifts
  • another shortgown
  • checked cotton apron
  • striped linen apron (may hold off on)

The early nineteenth-century maid, pencil drawing by William Brocas c.1800
National Library of Ireland.
(Image via:

The Rochester Otaku Festival is September 27 and I'm thinking about trying my hand at some cosplay.  (I don't follow any anime, but do love Disney, so Alice in Wonderland, anyone?)  The best part is even if I don't get my costume finished in time for the festival, it will be perfect for the Rochester Steampunk Society's Picnic on October 11th AND Halloween!

Alice in Steampunkland: 
  • fancy drawers
  • petticoat with tucks and ruffles (started)
  • corded petticoat (started)
  • dress with bustle bow

Take a look at this fabulous Alice cosplay!
(Image via:

  • apron with applique designs 
Apron inspiration
(Image via:

  • accessories (how cute would a tea cup fascinator with a little "drink me" sign be!)

1850s undergarments:  I would really like to have these finished by October 17th as I've been asked to be a part of Penfield's annual ghostwalk again AND in time for Yuletide at the village.
  • 2 more chemises (cut out)
  • 2 more pairs of drawers (still waiting on waistbands)
  • a pair of flannel drawers - cause it's cold in Rochester!
  • modesty petticoat
  • corded petticoat
  • tucked petticoat or two

Wish me luck & happy sewing!


  1. Oh what fun! I can't wait to see the Alice in Steampunkland outfit!!! Laaaaaa!!! Hurry and get it made! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Gina, the planning part is always a lot of fun! And I'm definitely looking forward to venturing into steampunkland!
      Anneliese :)