September 2, 2014

Victorian Day Fashion Show 2014

I just wanted to share a few more pictures and details from the Victorian Day fashion show I had the opportunity of participating in two weeks ago.  I had such a wonderful time and really hope that next season I will be asked to model again!

Elaborate hairstyles, like those of the late Victorian period, are always fun to create - especially when you have 33" of hair to work with!  I was tasked with styling my hair for the show into an early 1870s style coronet braid and ringlets.  So the first thing I did was look for inspiration and create a pinterest board for 1870s hairstyles:

Coronet Braid & Ringlet
(Image source:

Photograph of an early 1870s Hungarian beauty

Victorian Ringlets
(Image source:

Then, I set out to create my updo!  While I do have quite a bit of my own hair, there was no way I could achieve the look I wanted without some this elaborate 1870s hair tutorial was very helpful:

I ended up winding my hair into a tight, braided bun, center back.  Then, I braided the cheapest ponytail from Sally's beauty supply, 100% Kanekalon Jumbo Braid, and secured it around my bun to serve as the coronet.  (I also attempted to curl sections of the other ponytails I bought for longer ringlets, but, just ended up with a melted plastic and gooey hairspray mess.)  Finally, we clipped a strip of ringlets under my bun and pinned on the hat.

My 1870s hairstyle.

Next came dressing for the show!  Over my underpinnings - including a chemise, drawers, cage crinoline and petticoat - I wore a gorgeous, fragile, silk gown made from vintage saris.  It was light as a feather and delightfully poofy! (I feel poofy, oh, so poofy...)  AND it had a large "butt bow," as we so elegantly termed it.  

Front view of the dress.

At the fashion show, I had a lot of fun parading around with the others in front of our large audience - including my mom, sister (photo credits go to her) and visiting uncle.  The museum always does such a fantastic job with the fashion shows and, this time, one of the emphases was the changing silhouette from 1860 to 1910!

Twirling on the runway :)

Emphasizing the elliptical silhouette of 1869.
Afterwards, of course, came more posing for pictures!

Timeline of 1860 - 1910 fashion show models.

The Happy 19teens Couple

And, finally, some silliness ensued: Make sure to check out Ruby Foote's (the museum's dedicated photographer) Victorian Day photo set here:

I like big BUSTLES and I cannot lie!
Photo credits go to Ruby Foote.
(Image source:

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