August 12, 2014

1810s Working Class Separates (Part I)

I've been chipping away at my summer sewing list, especially the 1810s Working Class Wardrobe!  (I  really need something new to wear this Friday and Saturday at work - unfortunately, because of time constraints, proper undergarments & accessories may have to wait...)  Anyways, back to the progress report:

(1) For my working class ensemble, I plan to make a couple of short-gowns to mix and match.  You may recognize this one from some of my other pictures - I actually made it for the museum, but I'm using the same pattern (with a few adjustments) for short-gowns of my own.

Front view.  The short-gown closes with an under-bust drawstring and pins.

Back view.

Inside details.

(2) I refit my strapped petticoat - re-pleated the skirt, added two one inch tucks, and straps.

Small pleats in the front.

Lots of gathering in the back.
(The waistband does close, Beatrice, my dressform, is just a little larger than me)

Close up of the tucks and hem.

(3) Also, I finally bound my 1850s corset, after two months of wear and tear, it was about time!

(4) When I get stuck and frustrated with fitting's time for a small, side project, which means: 1810s accessories!

Ruffled kerchief.
(I've been experimenting with different sized triangles, but this one I think is my best.)

Half hand-sewn & half machine-sewn cap of my own pattern.

View of opposite side.  I took advantage of the selvage edge for the ruffle.
I definitely see making more caps in my future...

Mid-19th century quilted sunbonnet.
Completely hand-sewn and made for the museum.  I want one now!

View of sunbonnet with cap peaking out.

Alright, it's back to the sewing machine for me...I do like how this outfit is coming together.  Stay tuned for the completed 1810s working class ensemble!

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