August 9, 2014

In Pieces

Just a quick update on the Sophia Project, which now is in pieces!

July 31, 2014:  Being in costuming this Thursday was great - especially because the rest of the week was sure busy!  Wednesday I tried my hand at spinning (more on this to come), Thursday was with Sophia, Friday I subbed for another interpreter, and Saturday & Sunday I ran a Victorian Calling Card Craft in the Seminary for the quite crazy, but fun Laura Ingalls Wilder Weekend.  

Today Sophia, my 1870s wrapper project, was patterned - each piece was laid out and traced onto brown pattern paper.  Seam allowances carefully marked, traced pieces cut out and, voila, an 1870s wrapper pattern ready to be made!

I also got to pick out my fabric for the reproduction: a lovely cotton print paired with a lightweight, black silk (that will hopefully be switched with a chocolate silk)

Cotton reproduction print, dubbed the "eyeball" fabric
(Note: color is a little off in the picture)

August 7, 2014:  First day of cutting!  Using the pattern from last week, each piece is being carefully cut out from the reproduction fabric, "eyeballs" up.  (Except, to save fabric, the four side gussets have been cut out "eyeballs" down.)  

Well, that's it 'till next Thursday for the Sophia Project.  In the mean time, I'm hard at work sewing (and hand-sewing) my outfit for the museum's fiber festival! 

Bonus:  I've also been having fun dressing with a vintage flair

Skirt & petticoat made by me

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