August 5, 2014

Summer Sewing List

While I do really like to talk about my internship (and there's plenty more to report coming), there will also be a fair share of posts on costuming - historical and theatrical!  That being said, I am a firm believer in the "if I write it down, it will [eventually] happen" method.

So, here is what's on the books for the rest of summer in sewing projects:


1850s Undergarments:
  • 2 more chemises
  • 2 more pairs of drawers (cut new waistbands & finish)
My first attempt at a chemise & pair of drawers
  • hand-sew binding on corset
Corset when it was still in pieces
  • modesty petticoat
  • tucked petticoat
  • another plain petticoat
  • corded petticoat
Frolicking Frolicks' absolutely gorgeous corded petticoat,
and other mid-19th century undergarments

1810s Working Class Regency Wardrobe:
  • 2 shifts (using Sense & Sensibility Patterns)
  • short or long stays(?)
  • strapped petticoat (refit)
  • bodiced linen skirt (hem facing & closures)
Lovely 1800s working clothes posted at Two Nerdy History Girls

  • 2 short gowns
Printed Short Gown c. 1800 from Augusta Auctions

Skirt & short gown c. 1815
  • Regency apron
Oil painting by Georg Friedrich Kersting


Costuming 5 one act plays for a friend (deadline: August 15th)

Wish List
  • 1810s striped cotton day dress

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