July 14, 2016

1812 Weekend in Genesee Country

Several weekends ago, June 18th and 19th actually (it's been a while, I know), I worked my third annual War of 1812 & Jane Austen Weekend at the Genesee Country Village.  This year the event was much more...quiet, though still enjoyable thanks to friends and co-workers.  In fact, much like last year (see post here), I owe my good friend, the dressmaker, who diligently snapped pictures, for letting me share hers once again!

The servants of Hosmer's Inn at your service, dear sirs and madams.
(Photograph courtesy of Rhonda B.)

Some of the weekend's highlights included:

The beautiful flaxen field behind the town hall in full bloom -

Our lead historic farmer.
(Photograph courtesy of Rhonda B.)

Two of our other historic farmers, who are both accomplished tailors.
(Photograph courtesy of Rhonda B.)

Such pretty blue flowers!

The dressmaker in her shop! -

Our dressmaker.
(Rhonda, I love this picture of you!)

Tools of the trade & fashion plates.

Just look at that ethereal "little white Regency dress"
(Another personal favorite of you, Rhonda!)

All of the shenanigans at Hosmer's Inn -  This is probably where I spent the most time throughout the weekend.  As part of the reenactor luncheon staff, I was in charge of plating the cold food - pork and sausages with cherry sauce, dressed spinach, salmagundi, and thick slices homemade bread - Saturday and Sunday.  Thank goodness my museum twin, Ariana, was there to keep me company in the back, haha!  We really were so fortunate to have such a fantastic Hosmer staff this year!     


The kitchen staff in action.
(I assure you I was reaching for the meat tongs, not into the salmagundi...)
Pat, our lead of historic foodways, snapped this picture and I rather liked it!
(Photograph by Pat M.)

I wasn't planning on staying Saturday night, but after hearing that there would be dancing on the lawn of Hosmer, the dressmaker had me convinced!  (I was even able to wear what I've dubbed the "Samantha dress" again!)  Allison & Stephen were great dance hosts, and the live music courtesy of Mark B. & Colton was a real treat! 

Name any tune and they can play it!
And, look, there's the head couple moments before the dance.
(Photograph by Rhonda B.)

Dru & I - she could not have been nicer to work (and dance!) with!
Luckily we get to see her again for the upcoming Civil War weekend.
(Photograph courtesy of Rhonda B.)

As for shopping, Regency Revisited returned!  I picked up a yard each of three cotton sheers for neckerchiefs and a corded sunbonnet: 

Lastly, no 1812 weekend would be complete without silliness from Ariana and me...so this happened:  We tried to capture the our misery and toil.  It was such a hot and humid weekend that there wasn't a drop of water in sight!  

The struggle was real.

Misery loves company.

'Till next time...next year. 

Bonus:  Here are some pictures from the Hyde House gardens in full bloom, which, next to the Livingston Gardens, are my favorite in the village!

Davis Opera Hall.

Hamilton House & Grounds.

Hyde House.

Hope to see you here, soon!


  1. You have the most fun Anneliese! I am so jealous...I want to come and play with you...maybe one day that can come true!

    1. I sure hope so! Meeting you would be a great pleasure! The door is always open here...

  2. It was such a lovely weekend, and such fun to see it from your viewpoint!


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