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Hello, welcome to my blog!  

My name is Anneliese, and I am a seamstress, weaver, and living historian, who creates art and educational content to share with both online and in-person audiences.

My mission is to provide an accurate, informative, diverse, and inclusive interpretation and representation of history and material culture.   

What began as a high school interest in theatrical costuming, developed into a lifelong desire to research, recreate, and wear historical clothing – passions which have and continue to guide my personal and career goals.  It was around the same time that I discovered a love for “living history” and reenactment, working as both a historical interpreter and the interpretation office assistant at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, which is a large, 19th-Century living history museum in Upstate New York.  Knowing that college would be my next step, I began a blog, which some of you may recognize as the “Young Sewphisticate,” to document this journey, through sewing trials and triumphs, and adventures in living history and beyond.

At the present, I am completing a self-designed, multidisciplinary degree with double concentrations in costume construction and in textiles at Kent State University (expected gradation: Fall 2020).  It's been three, challenging, yet fulfilling years of art school - learning everything from theatrical flat patterning and draping, to traditional and modern textile production, surface design and techniques, and studying original garments at the Kent State Fashion Museum.  While I might not miss the long studio hours, weekends solely devoted to practice, and weekly (or more) all-nighters in the costume and textile studios, I am very eager to apply all that I’ve studied and practiced during the past few years of art school to the museum field.

Moving forward, I plan to continue my artistic practices, both the creation of historical clothing and of textiles, as well as develop educational programming, lectures, and workshops for the living history community.  (Long time followers may have noticed my absence online as I was more focused on production, rather than documentation of work during college, and this will change as I transition from full-time student to professional.)  Over the years, your continued support - every "like," encouraging comment, follow and share across my online platforms - has made all the difference, and keeps me sewing - thank you!  

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Email (for business inquiries only, thanks): anneliesemeck@gmail.com

And, of course, please say "hi" if we're at an event together! :)

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