June 5, 2019

Summer & Season Number Six

Welcome back to another blog post and, as the title suggests, the start of a long-awaited summer vacation!  Yes, the Spring semester is finally over, and I speak the truth when I say that I have never draped, patterned, painted, woven, and sewn as much as I have in the past few months...art school is no joke, folks, and I am incredibly grateful to my professors, studio-mates, friends, family, and, you, faithful readers, for supporting my studies.

Livingston Gardens, Summer of 2019
(Photograph by Judy J.)

So far, summer break has brought the chance to check off another life goal from the bucket list through a trip to Greenfield Village for their Civil War Remembrance weekend.  (Much more on this to follow in the next blog post!)  A new dress was made, and already photographed, twice - once by Maria, sister and photographer, and then again, thanks to Judy, the partner-n-crime, on my first village visit for the 2019 museum season.

In my short, five years as a costume intern, historic interpreter and interpretation office assistant, and now at the beginning of season number six, there's still nothing like the opening to a new season at the Genesee Country Village & Museum.  I have missed our "museum family," so many friends both in the office and across the historical interpretation staff.  It takes a village - dedicated cooks, carpenters, craftspeople, and clothiers, as well as the behind-the-scenes content creators - to run a museum, and they've no doubt been busy during the off-season to ready the village for a much-anticipated return:

Dorthy serves up tea & cake in the Livingston-Backus House

Spring Pole Lathe in the Wagonmaker & Wheelwright Shop

Weaving continues at the Humphrey House

Jim at work in the Boot & Shomaker's Shop

Per tradition, on my first day back, Judy, the partner-n-crime, and I plan for what has become almost an event - the official opening day, year four, photo!  Due to college, it may not exactly take place on opening day anymore, but the reunion is nonetheless special and welcome.  In fact, this year, on our fourth observance and my sixth season (her seventh), we were happily joined by our good friend, Richard:

The trio - Judy, Richard & Me
(Photograph courtesy of Samantha B.)

The official opening day, year four, photo!
(Photograph courtesy of Richard D.)

A little silliness is always expected!
(Candid shot thanks to Judy J.)

Afterwards, Judy and I took a stroll through the Livingston Gardens, one of my favorite locations in the village, and she graciously played photographer (and host as we caught up that evening): 

A stroll through the Livingston Gardens
(Photograph by Judy J.)

I thought this one rather painterly ;)
(Photograph by Judy J.)

The sun set on my first day back, which will also be the last for a while...for those who do not already know, I have decided to focus on my weaving through a unique summer opportunity, and will only be working limited hours this season upon returning in July through the beginning of August.  Perhaps you'll find me substituting in any of the dozen buildings I've staffed in the past, assisting in the interpretation office, or even in the gallery (for a super secret project!) - but for now, I turn to the next great adventure...Weaving: Picture and Pattern, through the Kent Blossom Art Intensive summer workshop series, featuring visiting artists, Samantha Bittman and Chinami Ricketts, and our resident professor and head of the Textiles department, Janice Lessman-Moss.  It's going to be a great summer!  

Wishing everyone at the Genesee Country Village & Museum 
a most happy and successful 2019 season! 

(Photograph courtesy of Richard D.)

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