July 30, 2016

Blogiversary Giveaway!

Anyone else hear the word “give” in blogiversary?  That’s right - in celebration of two years of blogging at The Young Sewphsiticate, we're giving away a 19th Century Housewife!

This handmade, travel size sewing case would make the perfect addition to your living history and reenacting kits!  Soldiers and civilians alike carried housewives for quick repairs and on-the-go sewing.  (Don’t sew?  That’s fine too as this case can also serve as a wallet – modern or historical – or home for organizing any odds and ends.)

Hand-sewn from reproduction cotton prints and lined with sturdy linen, this housewife features three interior pockets and twill tape ties to keep your belongings secure.  

Let the giveaway fun begin!

How to Enter:  There are two ways to enter.  Each participant may have up to three entries.   
  1.  Tell us about your dream historical sewing project(s) in the comments below!  If time and money were no object, what would you make?  (This will be counted as one entry and may not be repeated.)
  2.  Share the giveaway on your blog, Facebook, or other social media site! Make sure to post a link to your share in the comments below.  (Each share will be counted as one entry and may be repeated up to two times.) 

Timeline & When to Enter:  Now and throughout the next nine days!  You have until midnight (Eastern Time) on Monday, August 8th to enter the giveaway. 

The Winner:  The winner will be randomly selected and contacted on Tuesday, August 9th!  The prize is one handmade housewife:

*Please note that the giveaway prize does not include sewing supplies or Scrabble game tiles - it is just for the pretty housewife!

Good luck!  


  1. Oooh, this is so exciting! The housewife is lovely - what a perfect prize for historical seamstresses!!
    My dream project is an 8th century quilted petticoat (in red, naturally), with a gorgeous viny-print caraco jacket atop it. An 1860s sheer dress with ruffles and pagoda sleeves takes close second place though!! ;)
    Thank you so much for the giveaway!! And congratulations again on your blog-iversary! :)
    Shared on Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/341077371762698821/

    1. Oh goodness.....make that *18th* century. I really don't have any idea what ladies wore in the 8th century. ;)

    2. Also shared on my blog: http://dollycreates.blogspot.com/2016/07/the-young-sewphisticate-blogiversary.html
      Thank you! :)

  2. My dream costuming goals are an Irish Crochet turn of the century gown or full on romantic poet getup with a partly velvet frockcoat and a slightly ludicrous waistcoat.

  3. *Currently* my dream project is a late 1870's, early 1880's bustle dress. I used to hate bustles with a passion, but now I adore them! It would probably be made of silk and include lots of pleats, poufs, and some bows. =)

    I shared this on my FB page, and tagged you in it!

  4. It's a bit greedy of me, but I'm entering your giveaway! I shared on Facebook and on my blog: http://fabricoftime.blogspot.com/2016/08/share-post-young-sewphisticate-sewing.html

    My dream sewing project---there are so many! Where do I begin?! I want to make a pre-contact North American or South American indigenous costume, because I'm extremely intrigued by clothing anthropology. It's really hard to research, but I know there was a type of cotton native to South and Central America that some groups cultivated and wove into fabric and made clothing. I believe it was imported to what is now the American Southwest, where the Navajo utilized advanced textile technology that other cultures had not yet developed. So, I would make a pre- 1500's Navajo cloth which was not cut and sewn but wrapped around the body as clothing. Lots of research and specialized weaving training are required, which I may never achieve, but it's a dream anyway.

  5. My dream sewing project would be to finish up a 50s dress made from a vintage pattern that evokes Betty's green velvet dress from the film White Christmas. I've been stumped on the instructions now for awhile and would dearly love to be able to wear it this coming Christmas season!

  6. I love the housewife; I think I may need to make one (or a couple!)

    Let's see....my dream project would be to recreate a 1860's fashion plate with all the hard-to-find weaves of silk readily available that they used. Hard to choose, but I love fashion plates! The recreations are not budget friendly, though. So actually, even if budget was not a constraint, it would make me happier to include that for a dream project I bought everything for dirt cheap, rather than free. Which seems ridiculous, but that's me.

  7. It was so good to see you yesterday evening! Thanks for reminding me to enter the giveaway :D I'd have to say an 1860s silk taffeta ball gown...with complete "best" underpinnings (so silk dancing slippers, all Pima petticoats with real broderie anglais insertions and tucks, a new corset, and a Needle & Thread cage).
    -Michaela "The Farming Daughter"

    1. I also shared a post on Facebook and tagged you :)

  8. My dream project would be a white Civil War ballgown with gold trim. I would never make it due to the dirt favor at most events.


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