September 20, 2023

Bloom Below & Song Above - 1880s Plaid Bustle Photoshoot

In the historic village of LeRoy, there is a gazebo along Oatka Creek that I thought would make a lovely location for a photoshoot.  After finishing my c.1883-86 plaid dress, my sister, Maria, drove down to help me document the ensemble - followed by lunch at the D&R Depot Restaurant, my treat in thanks for her time and talents behind the camera, of course! 

In the following pictures, you'll see the three-piece ensemble blogged about in two posts, including making the bodice, and the skirts & draperies.  These are worn over silk stockings and American Duchess "Renior" button boots, a chemise, corset, lobster tail bustle, matching underpetticoat, and flounced petticoat.  A borrowed hat, braided updo with frizzy bangs, jet earrings, and blueberry leather gloves complete the look.  

*All photographs courtesy of Maria M.*  Please enjoy our pictures, and the accompanying poem is titled "The Balance" by Charlotte Becker, a prolific early-20th century poet from Buffalo, New York.

Gazebo Photo Series I: 

If the world were always gay,

Mirth to-morrow, jest to-day;

All delight without alloy —

What would be the use of joy?

Staircase Photo Series II:

If the world were always sad,

Care and grief the meed we had,

Doubt and fear the only gain —

What would be the use of pain?

Cherry Blossom Photo Series III:

If the world were always fair,

Ever on each street and square,

Bloom below and song above —

What would be the use of love?

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1 comment:

  1. Very much enjoyed the poem interspersed with your outfit and the cherry blossoms. Poignant.
    Very best,
    Natalie in KY


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