October 20, 2015

Cinderella Dress Diary: Day Two

Two posts in one day, score!  Today was not as productive, sewing-wise that is, as I had hoped.  I seemed to have caught a cold or bug of some sort this past weekend, and I am still recovering.  But, the good news is that the three essential garments are well underway.  So, even if nothing else is completed, the Cinderella costume will still go on!

Illustration by Ruth Ives for an 1954 edition of Cinderella.
(Image via: Pinterest)

Tuesday, October 20th

Blouse: Cut out and ready to assemble!  I even cut the 2" bias strips and began the sleeves.

Patterned & cut

Sleeves in progress...

Starting to look like puffy sleeves!  Inside view.

Red Petticoat:  Ripped and pressed the waistband.  Attempted to pleat, but made a mistake and had to unpin.  Directional pleats can be so mean sometimes!  (No pictures, sorry.)

Apron:  Cut out and ready to assemble, patches and all!  The hem is in, and the patches are even pinned and ready for zigzagging (which I may still do tonight).

Materials, featuring a square of each of the patch fabrics.

Pinned & ready to be stitched on.

What was playing:  Pandora - Civil War Radio; Pandora - Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Radio; 2 episodes of NCIS.  Nothing like fiddle music to put you in the mood to sew!

Two days down, four more to go!

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