October 21, 2015

Cinderella Dress Diary: Day Three

More progress to report, and finally, some pictures to show for!

Good news, Cinderella as is right now could be worn (and hopefully recognized), though I am looking forward to completing the over dress & bodice to break up the bleh off-white color.  

Wednesday, October 21st

Blouse:  Done!  So I went to put in the sleeves, and I realized I had made two rights and no left.  Le sigh...pauses for a moment and reaches for the seam ripper...why does this always happen to me?

Ripping away the evidence...


And, finally, we have a shirt!  Wish I had thought to measure first,
because it turned out a little too big, oh well, next time.

Red Petticoat:  Finished!  Easy enough after I tamed the directional pleats!  Thank goodness for the divide and conquer method.  I made, well I'm not really sure what they're called, let's say "stacked" or "doubled" knife pleats.  

Pleats ready to be hand basted.

Just look at those directional pleats, score!

Finished red petticoat!

Close up of the patches.

Side back of skirt.

Apron:  Completed!  Instead of just gathering the apron's skirt and hiding the stitching under the band, I thought it would look cool to extend the gathers...I liked the result!  What about you?  

Gathered panel & pressed apron ties.

Close up of the gathers.

Ta da, the finished apron!  Notice the 3" hem.

I think I may have gone a little too patch happy...

And now, putting it all together...

Definitely still needs the grey over dress & black bodice!  Also, some warm woolen accessories and a coif to complete the look.  

What was playing:  Pandora - Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Radio; Pandora - Celtic Fiddle Festival Radio 

Three days down, three more to go!  We're half way there, folks! 


  1. Oops, something seems to have gone wrong here. I see a title, but no pretty pictures or witty comments!

    1. Oh dear, thanks for letting me know, Allison! Hopefully this solved the problem...

  2. Oh my giddy aunt!! This looks so wonderful! I am so loving the patches and your extended gathers! That's a fun accent, thingy... And your shoes? Wherever did you get them? I am in love!!! I can't wait to see this on you!

    1. Thank you, Gina!! Cinderella is coming along, and will (hopefully) be done by the end of this week...stay tuned! :)

      As for the shoes, they were a very lucky, local thrift store score! The brand reads "Ollio" and I bet you could find them online somewhere!

    2. Ok Ollio...will have to remember that! Are you done yet? hahahaha!! Couldn't help myself!

  3. I really like the extended gathers. Makes it look more "folksy" and traditional.

    1. Thank you, Chelsea!! I really like the "folksy!" :)