July 27, 2015

Happy 1st Blogaversary!

 “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
~ Walt Disney

Blog-a-versary (noun) - the anniversary of one's first blog post. 

Today, my little corner of the blogosphere for scribbling down sewing hopes, dreams & aspirations, The Young Sewphisticate, officially turns one year old!  I can hardly believe how fast time flies - it seems like only yesterday, I was introducing myself to the blogging world, and now, a whole year later, I'm still writing!  

Without a doubt, it has been such a pleasure to share my interests, studies and passions for the past and its clothing over the past year.  I am just so full of gratitude, thanks and praise for everyone who has taken the time to read and encourage my sewing & future!!  I've said it before, and I'll shout it again: every single comment, suggestion and tidbit of advice has been greatly appreciated and keeps me blogging!

Taking a peek at the amazing statistics from the year, I can't help but smile!
  • We've had 6325 total pageviews this past year alone.
  • 21 fabulous followers join the sewing adventures.
  • 67 posts with 106 comments in all published. 
  • And, the most popular post to date has been the HSM January Challenge: 1850s Undergarments, with 564 views.  

Over the past blogging year, the main focus was placed on the following:

(1) My 2014-2015 Internship with the Genesee Country Museum & Village.  From the Sophia Project, to the fairy camp costumes, to the 19th century fiber-related experience days and much, much more, my adventures in the costume shop and around the museum were recorded in weekly & monthly reports.

(2) Past Projects.  In detail posts that recalled a variety of "throw back" theatrical costuming projects, mostly completed throughout junior & senior year of high school.  The majority were rewritten and re-posted from my previous blog.

(3) Learning & practicing 19th century sewing techniques.  Not only did I begin to appreciate and enjoy hand stitching through a few amateur ensembles, I also dreamed, researched (mostly thanks to Pinterest) & gathered materials for a whole bunch of "to make, someday" projects to expand my historical wardrobe.

And, for the upcoming blogging year, I plan to focus on the following:

(1) Sew all the things!  Much, much, much more sewing will hopefully happen, as I am determined to expand my historical wardrobe...the other night, I wrote out all of those "to make, someday" projects floating around in my head, and the list is already over two pages long!  (A girl can always dream, right?)  Anyways, stay tuned for more historical sewing trial and errors, along with, hopefully, a few successes!

(2) Continued work at the museum as a seasonal interpreter, as well as every day life as a new "host sister" to our German exchange student, Lisa.

(3) My first semester enrolled at Point Park's Conservatory, and the start of my several year journey on the costume design & construction track.  Plenty of excitement to come!

Finally, if you've liked what you've seen here, please consider commenting, subscribing and/or sharing...

Your thoughts, suggestions & support are always appreciated on this journey!  And, as always:
THANK YOU for reading!!

“First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.”
~ Walt Disney

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