January 8, 2023

Year in Review: Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023!

While I may not have initially sat down to write a blog post tonight, I'm really glad you & I are here to reflect on the crazy year that was 2022.  There's so much that could be said...but I think I'll let this infographic capture the highlights: (Clicking on the graphic should make the text larger!)

I love the idea of setting an overall intention or theme for the year, rather than a list of "New Years resolutions."  In 2022, I kept repeating that I would "embrace change" - and I did, as I moved to a new apartment; weathered several losses of managers in my former department, which led to the craziest museum season, where those left had to pick up more positions; and focused on growing my interest and skills in DEAI (diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion) practice - ultimately leading to my recent career shift.  Though, for those wondering about the costumes - they aren't going away, even if I'm not wearing them on the regular through my job anymore! 

For 2023, two phrases have stood out to me - the first, being the intention to "establish balance" in my life; and the second came through a tarot card reading in the beginning hours of New Years, which predicted me "rejoining society."  Whether you believe in the cards, fortune-telling, and fate - or not - this struck a chord within, so I'm running with it.  Those of you closest with me, know that I've struggled with work-life balance for years; and anyone who works non-profit or for living history museums knows of the 60-80 hour work weeks we pull on the regular.  So obviously, finding balance there will be central to living out my intention this year, but there are other areas to balance as well.  Including my social life - which leads me to the second part, and my hopes in a return to society that will mean more time spent with family, friends, (maybe dating again haha), going to costuming events, pursing professional opportunities, and even just traveling for fun.  I'll be interested to see where this year will take me, and what I'll have to say in review at this time, next year.

I believe I've rambled enough for one night, so I'll leave you with this question: what intentions or words will you be living by in 2023? 

Thanks for reading - and cheers to 2023, may we make every minute count! 

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