October 19, 2021

So I Took a Break from Content Creation...Now What?

As the title reads, so I took a break from content creation...In fact, I took a rather extended break, as you'll see between the jump in calendar months from my last post to today's.  And you know what, it's okay to do that, and, even better, I'm relieved that I did.  

As a content creator, there's no shaking the sense of guilt that comes from not publishing frequently, or at least on a more consistent schedule.  We feel the pressures of our #hustleculture, of balancing "the grind" with having a life, and, of course, the ongoing pandemic.  As artists, we get caught up in the production - and in the likes and opinions on social media - rather than recognizing the potential for healing and fulfillment through our expression.  

So, take a break.  When you're feeling burned-out, or preferably before you get there, take a step back to reset and recharge.  This could be for an hour, or an afternoon; a day or days; a week or weeks - as long as you need to feel re-energized and ready to come back.  There is no timeline, other than that which is self-imposed.  Blogging is supposed to be fun, and in order to keep it so, I took a break.  

...Now what?  I'm diving back into my content creation, and more importantly, looking forward to just putting my thoughts on paper, digitally.  In a way, more so than on my other platforms, this blog is mine - it is not, and probably will not ever be "big" - and in this little corner of the internet, I share my authentic self.  Not for likes, or for money, or for anything beyond the joy of expression.  There's always the hope that someone will stumble across a post they connect with, or that is useful for their own projects - and if that's you today, high five!

As for where you'll find me most actively posting right now, I've been participating in the #fallforcostume challenge, hosted by @Redthreaded over on Instagram.  It's become an annual tradition that offers a daily prompt for inspiring a month of posts across the costuming community.  In fact, I've posted every day this month, and you can find me on IG @youngsewphisticate!  

I do also have a few research-heavy projects in the works, both for my day-job (in interpretive program management), and for an upcoming virtual lecture for the Corsets & Cravats, 4th quarter series

P.S. Blogger has discontinued their email subscription services, so if you used to receive blog updates through email, please hang tight while I find another service provider...or follow our Facebook Page for notifications & direct links to new blog posts!

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