September 5, 2018

It's Time for a Giveaway!

We just hit 300+ likes on our Facebook page, also The Young Sewphsiticate!  Words simply cannot express my gratitude for every "thumbs up," comment, follow and share our page has received, and I am overwhelmed by your generous support for my amateur sewing, textile and living history adventures.  So to celebrate this exciting blogging milestone, we're giving away a Berlin Wool Work Pincushion!

The giveaway prize - a Berlin wool work pincushion!

The Prize: Worked in a traditional style of needlepoint, this vivacious, Berlin wool work pincushion will certainly stand out in your sewing basket!  The vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow and pink are appropriate for both historical and modern use, making this the perfect addition to your living history and reenacting kits.  

Don't sew?  This also would make a festive decoration, tree ornament, doll pillow, or even gift it to another...I won't tell ;)

Front design of the pincushion.
Note: the colors in the following three images are truest to life.

Hand-stitched using 100% wool yarns on cotton embroidery cloth and backed with black cotton sateen, this little pincushion should hold up through many sewing projects to come! 

Let the giveaway fun begin!

How to Enter:  There are three ways to enter - by "liking," commenting and/or sharing the contest.  Each participant may have up to four entries.   
  1.  Like - Consider giving our page a "thumbs up" or "like" on Facebook!  (Only fitting as this is what inspired the contest)  Let me know in the comments below so I can be sure to count your entry, especially if you're already one of the 300 we're celebrating!  (Counts as 1 entry per person, not repeatable)
  2. Comment - Tell us about your favorite and/or least favorite historical garment in a museum collection in the comments below!  Be it pretty or pretty ugly, inspiring or disgusting, have fun with this one!  (Counts as 1 entry per person, not repeatable)
  3. Share - Spread the word by sharing this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or other social media site!  Make sure to post a link to your share in the comments below.  (Each share counts as 1 entry, repeatable up to 2 times per person)

Just imagine this pincushion in your sewing basket!

The Timeline:  The contest is open now and through the next nine days!  You have until midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday, September 14th to enter the giveaway.

The Winner:  The winner will be selected using a random name generator and contacted on Saturday, September 15, 2018.  The prize is one, handmade, Berlin wool work pincushion:

Good luck!


  1. Hihi! (Entry One) Ive liked your page on Facebook! I look forward to updates :)
    (Entry Two) One of my favorite things right now from a museum collection is from the Kent State University Museum. Its a gorgeous 1860s dress made of a plaid floral with complimenting purple/lavender fringe trims and buttons. (I can send you the picture!)
    (Entry Three Part I) Posted on FB with a tag of the website and the FB page, with a tag to your profile.
    (Entry Three Part II)

    <3 <3 Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Yay for the KSU museum! Is that 1860s dress part of the current fashion timeline exhibit by chance? I may have seen it when I was there last haha...

      And thanks for the "like," comment and shares - so happy you've entered the giveaway! (+4 entries and +1 bonus for being the first to do all four) Good luck :)

  2. Entry 1 - I liked your Facebook page :)
    Entry 2 - My favorite piece in a museum is a beautiful pink silk ribbon and lace confection cap from 1845-50. It's at the MET. So beautiful :)
    Entry 3 - I shared the giveaway on my Instagram @lostinthe18thcentury

    1. Thank you for entering, Megan! Bring on the ribbons, pile on the lace, I do so love confections of caps!

      Best of luck! (+3 entries)

  3. Entry 1 - I liked your Facebook page!
    Entry 2 - I like the shortgowns in the GCV collection because I'd really like to make one soon.
    Entry 3 - I shared the giveaway on my twitter @suburbansidhe

    1. Yay for short gowns! Yay for GCV's collection! Join us short gown wearers, you won't regret it haha ;)

      Thanks for entering and good luck! (+3 entries)

  4. I liked your page a few months ago and I love your blog! My favorite piece in a collection is a 1790s round gown I saw in the Agreeable Tyrant exhibit at the DAR last year. Its for a tall, broad lady and it makes me glad because it shows women came in all sizes back then too!

    1. Thank you so much, Betsy, that means a lot! From all that I've seen and heard, the Agreeable Tyrant must have been a fantastic exhibit!

      So happy you entered the giveaway, good luck! (+2 entries)


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