August 1, 2017

Costume Blog Writing Month: Introductions

The other night, Katie Lovely, the Sarcastic Seamstress, shared a blog post about her participation in the upcoming CoBloWriMo (Costume Blog Writing Month), and it seems like fun!  Inspired by the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), the CoBloWriMo offers daily prompts to encourage more blogging.  The 31 thought-provoking challenges, one for each day in the month of August, are as follows:

According to the CoBloWriMo Facebook Page, participation is open to any and all costumers and bloggers with the simple goal of increasing costume blogging activity.  Be it through a blog post every day, once a week, or even starting a blog, the challenge is open ended.  We're not limited to just the prompts either, as writing about current projects, the process, research, events, relevant books, movies, materials, and resources, among other things, are encouraged!

For me, participation will be as the mood strikes.  Ideally, my goal is to write at least 10 times this month, as this challenge provides not only ideas for new content, but a chance to complete some of the many, partially completed drafts in the queue.  Want to give it a try too?  Please see the CoBloWriMo Facebook Page and prompts above to join the fun!

With that said, let the blogging begin...

CoBloWriMo, Prompt 1 - Introduce Yourself

Hello, my name is Anneliese!  I have been blogging here at the Young Sewphisticate since July of 2014, and on the Facebook companion page since January of 2016.

I began this digital journey to document my year-long costume internship at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, where I currently hold the positions of Interpretation Office Assistant and a 19th-century living history interpreter.  There, I also enjoy playing "dress up" and teaching some historical fashion educational programs.

Since its start, this blog has grown into so much more.  It holds a record of my past and present personal sewing projects - historical, theatrical and modern.  Years of sharing costume plans, progress reports, successes and failures reflect continued growth as a seamstress.  Through blogging and religiously following other costume bloggers, I have developed a connection with many other like-minded individuals and deep appreciation for their talents.  I only hope that someday my historical wardrobe may be just as beautiful and period-correct as my sewing heroes.

This coming fall, I am headed off to continue my formal education and support a lifelong love of reading, writing and researching history and its clothing at Kent State University.  There, as a B.I.S. (Bachelors of Integrated Studies) major, I am self-designing an interdisciplinary program in history, museum studies and costume construction.  My eventual goal is to pursue a career in costume construction, conservation and education in the living history museum field.

Until then, as the summer winds down, I look forward to continued investment in my material inventory (a.k.a. the overflowing fabric stash) and hopefully sewing a project or two more.  Listening to folk and fiddle music, musicals and 中国音乐.  Late nights with period dramas, desserts and tea.  Spending time with friends, family and maybe even a contra dance or two before moving to Ohio.

Thanks for stopping by, dear reader!  

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