November 10, 2016

Post-2016-Election Reflection

(Image via: Pinterest)

First and foremost, I would like to remind readers that this is a blog dedicated to the love of all things costuming, be it historical or theatrical, and living history.  I consider controversial subjects, such as politics and religion, to be private matters and like to keep them out of polite conversation.  That said, my social media has been absolutely flooded with reactions, both sides firing left and right, to the 2016 election results.  And, I can no longer go without saying anything:  

Regardless of your opinions and whether your candidate was victorious, or not, I that hope above all, you will choose to do the right thing - to promote tolerance, to live peacefully and to extend the respect deserved by ALL peoples.  

Backus family plot, Mount Hope Cemetery.
(GCV&M's Livingston-Backus House)

History was made on November 8th, and I for one felt immensely privileged to exercise the right to vote in my first presidential election.  So immediately afterwards, I left the polls with my "I voted" sticker to stand in another line at Mount Hope Cemetery.  This time, I stood (for over two hours) with thousands of others to thank Susan B. Anthony and the movement she represented for their sacrifices towards women's suffrage.  

Sticker handed out to voter's paying their respects
at Susan B. Anthony's final resting place.

Almost there, 2 hours in line...

Thank you, Susan B. Anthony,
& to all who paved the way to vote before us.

Now I wish that I had a neat 1910s suit like Chelsea of A Sartorial Statement fame to vote her recent post here: Suffragette Ensemble - Finished (Mostly) and Worn.  Maybe for this summer's suffrage centennials... 

Starting to squirrel away for a 1910s suit ensemble...
Butterick B6108 & B6093

1912 walking suits.
I'm loving the grey & emerald velvet!
(Image via: Pinterest

The New Velvet Hat "The Shirley." 1910.
Love the views with the orange and striped bows!
(Image via: The New York Public Library: Digital Collections)

At the end of the day, I hope that America will continue to be a great, tolerant and united nation of immigrants, of all backgrounds and of every nationality.  I hope that love will indeed triumph over prejudice...prayers for peace and respect across the table, for lawmakers and the difficult decisions they face, and for unity as "a house divided against itself cannot stand" - Abraham Lincoln.  


  1. One of my cousins was at Susan B. Anthony's grave as well. I made a suffragette costume for my cousin a couple years ago--she volunteers at the Susan B. Anthony house. I've since learned that I sewed some parts wrong. I'd really like to make my own suffragette costume. It was really fun, and I'd like to see if I can do the difficult parts correctly next time.

    1. How neat! Lucky cousin too! I'm sure the suffragette costume looked great, you always make such gorgeous clothing :) I haven't been to the Susan B. Anthony House in ages...motivation to make that 1910s suit haha. You should definitely make that suffragette costume, then come back up to Rochester and visit me!!