October 21, 2016

Changes & Updates to the Blog

My dear readers,

"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort..."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Photograph & effects courtesy of Stephen S.

An explanation for my recent absence from blogging:  I was frustrated, considering terminating my blog.  As some of you may already know from Facebook (or have experienced when trying to view my blog posts), a few weeks ago every, single picture - from my banner, to the blog background, to three years worth of posts - disappeared.  Through some glitch between Blogger, Picasa and Google Photos, over two thousand pictures were deleted.  

I was devastated.  While it's only a blog and does not truly matter in the grand scheme of things, to me, it has become so much more.  Like a journal or diary, this is my go to place to document all things sewing, to talk about my passions and jobs (be it historical or theatrical), and to express myself.  So, I couldn't bring myself to delete or leave this blog, or even to start another...instead, I am using this as an opportunity to restore and reorganize The Young Sewphisticate!

Photograph courtesy of Stephen S.

Current Goals

My main, eventual goal is to have every picture replaced by the new year.  It won't be easy finding all 2000+ pictures, but I will be trying my best to restore the majority of them.  (12 posts down, 114 more to go...)

Another goal is to continue publishing new content, despite the restoration of old posts.  My sewing lately has taken a different direction, and I have several projects that are waiting in the queue...Aiming for a four-posts-a-month minimum sounds reasonable. 

Newest Updates

In the meantime, these are the updates you'll find around here:

How do you like our new blog layout?  This includes a new background, sidebar organization, and font/color scheme. 

Check out all of our updated pages:

A new page!  Now you can easily access all of our past photo shoots and their construction posts in one location, here: Our Photo Shoots  - This page is to serve as a gallery with links to our past photo shoots.  Maria, the sister and photographer extraordinaire, and I team up to document my completed sewing projects.  While I design and construct each outfit, Maria works her magic with the camera - and, I am so happy to share her results!

Long-Term & Future Plans

In addition to continual blogging about sewing, theatre and the Genesee Country Village, I am planing to extend the content directions to include extant garment studies and more about historical interpretation.  Stay tuned...

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to improve your visit here at The Young Sewphisticate.

As always, thank you for reading & your continued support!

*Special thanks and all photo credit to Stephen S. for the impromptu sewing photo shoot at the Altay General Store


  1. Oh, I am so happy that you have decided to continue blogging!! I would have been so very sad had you not continued... Love the new look and can't wait to see all our new pictures and places to check out your talent!

    1. Awww thank you, Gina, for your lovely comments! :)


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