December 17, 2015

Yuletide 2015: The Cap, Complete!

In addition to the new dress with double puffed sleeves & silk accessories, which you can read about here, Jeanette demanded a new cap...

Not just any, ordinary cap, mind you, but a frilly mass of lace and ruffles that would have had Mrs. Bennet's approval!

Too many ruffles you ask?  Nonsense!!
(Image source)

As with any historic project, I began by looking at extant examples.  (Here's my Pinterest Board of 19th Century Caps)

I was inspired by the lace insertion, specifically on the front band,
on this mid-19th century cap from the Met.
(Image via: Met. Museum, accession number: 11.60.259)

I was also inspired by the lace edging on these flounces.
What a gorgeous 1840s cap with cording and Bucks lace!
(Image via: Etsy)

Pulling out my materials, a very fine, white, cotton lawn & a very delicate length of antique lace that I scored from a local, second-hand shop, I set out to work...

Hem rolling in progress.

...40 hours later...we have a finished cap!!

Front view of my newly completed cap.

I will admit that when I first tried on the cap, I was not pleased with the look.  However, within a few minutes of wearing it, it definitely grew on me - I love it!

Watching: BBC Sherlock, seasons 2 & 3

Construction shots:  The cap is entirely hand stitched with period correct techniques, including 1/16th inch rolled hems and rolled whipped gathers.  The lace edging was attached with a combination of teeny-tiny running stitches and the occasional whip stitch for extra security.

I love the neat look of rolled whipped gathers!

Lace edging close up shot.

Completed shots:  Featuring the cap from every angle imaginable!  I apologize for the poor lighting...

And even one picture of the cap on me thanks to our very talented & dedicated museum photographer, Ruby Foote: 

Mackay photo credit: Ruby Foote.
(Image via: Yuletide 2)

Jeanette does a lot of sewing in between and during scenes.  In fact, it took her the first two days of the opening weekend to finish her cap.  Only one weekend of Yuletide Tours left - hope to see you there!  (And back here for the upcoming photo shoot :)  Thanks for reading! 


  1. Oh my SQUEEEE!!! You look so beyond fabulous in your whole ensemble! I am loving your new cap and I agree that Mrs. Bennett would totally approve!

    1. Thank you so much, Gina!! Your comments are always so encouraging!! :D

  2. Such ruffly fabulousness!!! :) You look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Esther!! When it comes to ruffles, the more the merrier, always!

  3. Love, love, LOVE the cap!!! One can never have too many ruffles.

    1. Thank you, Deanna!! Agreed! I want that printed on a t-shirt now, haha