May 5, 2015

Where to Next?

Can it already be May?  How quickly time flies!  At the moment I am finishing up my two college courses and fairy costumes at my internship, and looking forward to the beginning of the 2015 museum season - which I can hardly believe opens this weekend!  There is so much research and sewing for work to be done, and perhaps even some personal sewing projects (yay!).  That being said, I can tell that this month is going to be very busy with lots of fun things ending and lots of new things beginning.  As they always say, write it down and it will happen, so today's post is just a short list of plans and goals that I would like to accomplish this month:

But, first, check out the newest addition to my little sewing corner:

For a mere $10, I scored this beauty, a Kenmore 17126690!!!

As some of you may know, I had been searching for a sewing machine for the past couple of months, and lucky for me, my wish was granted by a neighbor's yard sale this past weekend!  The machine had been tucked away for a couple of years, and after a good scrub and ordering a one or two missing parts, it's as good as new.  I am so excited, I've never had a machine to call my own, especially one with so many nifty features!  

Look at all those fancy stitches!
It even has a free arm and pocket for keeping spare supplies!

Sewing List for May

  • 3 early-style shifts 
  • 1810s-20s bodiced petticoat (need to make for this weekend)

Beginnings of an 1830s kit for Thomson Tavern:
  • Light blue cotton petticoat
  • Brown linen petticoat 
  • 1-2 short gowns 
  • Striped linen half-apron (needed by the 15th)
  • Brown belt with mother of pearl buckle
  • Another kerchief or two 

Blog Posts Pending

For things ending, I have a few last internship related posts planned:
  • The completed Sophia Project
  • Fairy Camp Costumes: two tutorials for the girl's tutus and boy's tunics, as well as the finished fairy queen costume (skirt, blouse, corset & stomacher)

Also, I'm planning to slow down on past project posts with only a couple more that I would like to show:
  • Stages presents: Doctor Dolittle (2013)
  • Senior year independent art study, portfolio

For new things beginning, I would like to shift the focus of my blog to more recent sewing, documenting my continued learning and projects attempted:
  • 1830s kit for work
  • Perhaps even catching up with the Historical Sew Monthly challenges...

Stay tuned for what's to come...thanks for reading! 

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