January 20, 2015

Hats Off to Sleepy Hallow

Hello, everyone!  I had planned for today's post to be about the completed 1820s Mad for Plaid dress project; however, due to technical difficulties and sewing mistakes (bodice not fitting, gauging the skirt to the waistband backwards, fighting to rip out stitches that were stitched to stay, etc.), the project has been put on hold.

So, instead, today it's hats off to some more millinery Past Projects from Junior year!  In the previous Past Project post, I wrote about the first show, Bugsy Malone, that I created headpieces for at Stages Children's Theater.  The next show I had the chance to student costume for there was the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (2013) directed by Dianne Schaumberg.  And, of my responsibilities, the most memorable was creating three headpieces for Mrs. Van Tassel, who actually was played by a former friend, Casey, from Our Lady of Mercy's theater!  In fact, I fondly remember acting on the stage together, as well as backstage, learning how to perform quick changes like a master.

Katrina & Lady Van Tassel
Sleepy Hollow (1999), directed by Tim Burton
(Image via: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/478929741594689887/)

The first hat I came up with for our Mrs. Van Tassel was was the Maroon Church & Party Headpiece, which was made to match two separate costumes.  The hat featured a maroon puffed crown and ruffle, various feather sprays and flowers, and two large black plumes.  Black satin ribbon ties were later added.

The next creation I came up with for Mrs. Van Tassel was the Lavender Wedding Headpiece.  This hat featured a white crown puff, lavender puffs, various feather and flowers, as well as one large ostrich plume.  Gold satin ribbon ties were later added.  

After some late night and last minute sewing, I finished Mrs. Van Tassel's Fancy Mob Cap, just in time for the full dress rehearsal.  The director specifically requested height to the cap, and, after looking at some period examples, this is what I came up with:

Last, but not least, I'll include this hat I made for a friend's birthday!  Jenny's birthday falls right around Easter, so I made a her a proper Easter bonnet.  Constructed in a similar way to those I made for Sleepy Hollow, the hat also served as a perfect gift card holder :) 

Thanks for reading!  'Till next time...

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