December 16, 2014

A Little Bit o' That

To follow up A Little Bit o' This from last last night, I thought I'd start the Past Projects posts with some miscellaneous historical projects: 

First up:  My second attempt at an 1860s Quilted Winter Hood.  Created two Octobers ago for my part in the Penfield Ghostwalk, and donned again for this year's ghostwalk as well as Yuletide in the Village.  The hood is constructed from wool, cotton batting, and lined with cotton broadcloth.  Machine quilted and each inside seam was whipstitched to prevent fraying.

Next up:  An Edwardian Hat c.1910s, inspired by this hat from the Met's collection, made right before New Year's, last year.  Originally created for the 2013 Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted by the Dreamstress, Challenge #26: Celebrate!  A hand-sewn attempt at hat making, starting with a straw hat base, I cut the crown off and stitched wire bound with black bias tape on all of the edges.  Then, I added a bag-lined, black velvet puff to serve as the crown, stacked two golden taffeta bows, a broach and three plumes to call it a hat.  Total cost was around $15.

Edwardian Hat paired with a matching velvet jacket & hair!

Lastly, my first chemise and drawer set were completed last March in time for Challenge #4: Under it All of the 2014 Historical Sew Fortnightly.  Made from cotton muslin & lace, I followed Simplicity's 2890 pattern, which I highly recommend and have used for all of my chemises and drawers since.  Not bad for my first stab at using a pattern!

Can't make all of those pretty dresses I want without proper undergarments!

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