November 16, 2014

Winter Sewing List

At the present, while working on my final paper for the internship, I am in the process of figuring out and cementing my plans for the second semester of my gap year.  For sure it will include applying to colleges, more college classes (which will make me a transfer student, rather than an incoming freshman) and...lots & lots of sewing!  So, instead of stressing about the work ahead, I am dreaming about all of the sewing projects building up on my table.  Bursts of creativity demand a new winter sewing list:

While I have hundreds of ideas and want lists floating around in my brain, rationally and realistically, only the following are immediate needs with actual deadlines:

1) One of the head costumers at Stages, which was one of the local theaters I student costumed for during high school (eventually there will be some more posts on this), contacted me the other day and asked me to make a hairpiece for Little Women - a black snood with blue velvet trim and beaded accents.  This is the reference picture she sent me:

"Navy Blue Velvet Bowknot Barrette Hair Clip Snood Net for Women" via

2) For the Preparing for the Holidays event at the village, I will be serving food at Hosmer’s Inn!  I have been instructed to bring an apron (in addition to 1850s attire) - so how about a madder-colored plaid pinner apron?

Stash fabric (3 yards)

3) For the theatrical tours during Yuletide in the Village, I am cast as Esther Chapin, one of the female shoppers in both the Altay store and Confectionery scenes!  Better get started on those lines, as well as some more must-haves for the wardrobe:
  • Another chemise & pair of drawers as mine from the past season are looking a tad worn just finished!
  • Two tucked petticoats & a plain petticoat
  • Flannel petticoat as December in upstate New York is absolutely frigid
  • Hoping to acquire - wool stockings, sontag, fingerless gloves

Historical: And the start of my new college portfolio...

1) Regency Morning Attire: a ruffly half robe, perhaps with a cross front bodice, made from a small green check cotton (stash fabric - 2 yards).  Accessories will include a frilly cap with a matching chemisette or fichu & a pocketbook filled with period-looking letters.

Inspiration: Lady's Gingham Dressing Gown c.1825-1835
(Image via:

Frilly cap inspiration.
(Image via:

Corded bonnet & chemisette from the Napoleon: The Empire of Fashion Exhibit.
(Image via:

Lady's Pocket Book or Letter Case, c. 1780-1800
(Image via:

2) 1820s Mad for Plaid Winter Outfit: Now that I've made one Regency-esque dress, I naturally want an entire wardrobe full!  How about a series of "four season" Regency dresses for my portfolio?  I have an autumn themed dress, so next it's a wintertime dress made from black cotton broadcloth with plaid trim and burgundy cotton piping.  Accessories will include a fur muff, pelerine with a fur collar, reticule and bonnet.  

Dress inspiration: tulle summer gown, c. late-1820s- early-1830s
Kerry Taylor Auctions
(Image via:,-late-1820s,-the-bodice-cuffs-209-c-859a5671cc)

Accessory set c.1820-1840
Metropolitan Museum of Art
(Image via:

3) 1830s cross front dress with those huge gigot sleeves!  I have the perfect grey cotton stash fabric (6 yards) with small polka-dots, which appear either light pink or yellow.  Accessories will include a chemisette with a large collar, sleeve supports, a round reticule & poke bonnet with gold or pink trimmings.

Grey polka-dot stash fabric (6 yards)

4) 1848 Christmas Dress - originally planned for the ghost walk last month, now to be completed for Christmas!  Additions include a cream bonnet trimmed with green silk ribbon and vintage berries & a corded petticoat (30 rows down, 30 more to go!)

Sew many ideas, sew little time...happy sewing!

When I see a pretty dress (probably on pinterest)...please, pretty please can I have it?!?
(Image via:

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